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Rode My Bike To My Stepsister's Wedding

This song is by Grandaddy.

I rode my bike to my stepsister's wedding
And in my backpack was designer bedding
And a gift certificate for a CD or for a cassette
A CD or cassette

I only but once met her new guy
And the good news to me is he seems shy
Maybe he'll help me find a new job
For this ride that I'm on is all done
All over and done

If the while this bore couldn't see me
And why does boredom at home see me so clearly?
And like a flashlight and the campfire afade
Forgetting the plans that I made
The plans that I made

So I grabbed my bike I said goodbye and left the wedding
But I didn't get far for how cold it was getting
As I slept in a pile of leaves
I dreamt you there next to me
You were there next to me

As I shivered that night in the leaves
I dreamt you were warm next to me
You were warm next to me