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There Shall Be No Acquittance

This song is by Grand Supreme Blood Court and appears on the album Bow Down Before the Blood Court (2012).

There seems to be confusion
So let this Court be clear
To all those who come creeping
Know your end is near
No hope to regain freedom
Or lifelong imprisonment
We will not stuff the bellies
Of the larvae we have damned

We do not need confessions
Repentance comes to late
Spare your pathetic lies
Or imbecile debate
No lawyers to assist you
We've just killed the defence
Your fate is sealed
There Shall Be No Acquittance

There is a proper death
For every act
You're gonna die
And that's a fact
Will it be the gallows
Or a torture device
By strangulation
Or crucified

How 'bout breaking your back
In front of the firing squad
Perhaps saw you in two
Lethal injection

There'll be no more confusion
This Court was very clear
All those who came creeping
Died in dreadful fear
Not one glimpse of freedom
Or lifelong imprisonment
We'll never stuff the bellies
Of all the scum that's damned


Music by:

Grand Supreme Blood Court

Lyrics by:

Grand Prosecutor van Drunen

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