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Public Castration

This song is by Grand Supreme Blood Court and appears on the album Bow Down Before the Blood Court (2012).

Repulsive coward
A shame to every man
Abuser, rapist
You smell like excrements
Misuser of infants
Lowest of the low
Words cannot describe
The pain you'll undergo

Kick this sick miscarriage
To our largest square
Nail his scrotum to the block
Leave him rotting there

Walking male disease
A cancer on legs
Down goes the hatchet
Cutting off precious eggs
Contaminated seed
These balls thrown to the hounds
Squassated on the scaffold
Now public playground
Children carve his genitals
Girls scratch out his eyes
With a hot red iron bar
He gets sodomized

Music by:

Grand Supreme Blood Court

Lyrics by:

Grand Prosecutor van Drunen