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Piled Up for the Scavengers

This song is by Grand Supreme Blood Court and appears on the album Bow Down Before the Blood Court (2012).

Sentences accumulate
Death working overtime
No superfluous burial
Grand Justice sublime
Removal of the remains
Organic decay
Leftovers turn to carrion
Since nature's first day

Disposal, all condemned
Fermenting, putrid damned
Drag the hanged, charred and chopped
Those we slayed, pile them up

Overpopulated cells
With scum awaiting trial
Stinking, festering, teeming mob
Infected and defiled
Signs of anthropophagy
Amongst the starving pack
End this senseless savagery
Throw them on the stack

Rabid dogs, smell the bait
Circling crows fly in wait
On the heap, human waste
Scavengers, soon will taste

Edacious vultures
Rats, worms and lice
Crawling beetles
Swarming flies

Innumerable corpses
High towering flesh
Maggots swallow up
This delicatesse

An orgy for the scavengers
Feeding on the dead
Harvest meFerociously they shred
Decomposers do the last
There's bones to consume
No-one will be remembered
As there's nothing to exhume


Music by:

Grand Supreme Blood Court

Lyrics by:

Grand Prosecutor van Drunen

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