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Circus of Mass Torment

This song is by Grand Supreme Blood Court and appears on the album Bow Down Before the Blood Court (2012).

For our own amusement
And to please the crowd
So welcome to this circus
Chant and cheer out loud

The artists in this showpiece
Did of course not volunteer
Shivering from anxiety
Trembling with fear

Equipment ready
All tools in grease
Let then the play begins
Start with the priests

On the Judas Cradle
Impaling seat
Ride the wooden horse
With weights on their feet

Tied to the breaking wheels
Fastened on the rack
Stretching limbs till dislocation
Snapping muscles, bones crack

Lowered in water
Dunk 'em till they drown
Pump in laxatives
While hanging upside down

Turn on the thumbscrews
Inject infection
Pull out teeth and nails

Stirring up the cauldrons
They are gonna boil
Steamed, roasted, grilled and cooked
Fried alive in oil
Choirs of tormented screams
Symphony in blood rain
Ballet of the broken
Conductors of pain

Music by:

Grand Supreme Blood Court

Lyrics by:

Grand Prosecutor van Drunen