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...and Thus the Billions Shall Burn

This song is by Grand Supreme Blood Court and appears on the album Bow Down Before the Blood Court (2012).

Allied nations decide to resist
You have chosen to depose your Lords
Terran legions uniting for battles
Behold the Ones who will survive this war

Contemptuous besiegers with misplaced trust
In ludicruous primitive weaponry
Disdainful defecating on ingratitude
Impudent, futile humanity

Assaulting forces
Vain determination
Heading towards total
Atomic devastation
Molten metal
Hot plutonium

Repugnant uprising
Verminous mutiny
Apostate rebellion
Oppose autocracy

Playing apocalypse
The earth deforms
Chemical inferno
Raging nuclear storms
Withstand in grandeur
We now retaliate
Exterminate, eradicate

Absolute victory
However, some survived
Endured the holocausts
Our wrath called genocide

The Grand Supreme Blood Court in its final trial
As this race of primates will never learn
The last verdict demands mass cremation
...And thus the billions shall burn

Music by:

Grand Supreme Blood Court

Lyrics by:

Grand Prosecutor van Drunen