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​Showdon feat. Mike Ladd

This song is by Grand Pianoramax and features Mike Ladd.

If I was a superhero,
My superpower would be the ability
To hear people making love all over this town
I would (...) from the top of buildings
Crouch with one arm over my knee
Put my pinky to my ear
Hand on my hip
The L on my chest
Close my eyes
Nod? and smile

Now of course I got an arch enemy
He hears people fucking
And yeah, his outfit is cooler than mine,
All fur
Kinda like an bright pink Pimp-Chubakka
But that's cool
Yeah, kids (...) his joints better than mine
His comic books will sell for now,
But if you believe in love,
Then my value will approve
I hunt heartbeats
And when I find a perpetration
I bump and bump and bump the ride?
Yeah, like that baby!
And they do, and they do, and they do
That you can have a whole city just of fucking
People down and dirty
Faces in the pillow
Hands clench grabbing toes and grabbing hair
And everyone says "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"
But, No No No!
Every now and then, you gotta let that (...) blossom!
(...) Something new, something better, something for (...)
That we can create something high and right and nice, tight, the way it should be, the way I want it to be
I am your superhero (...)
They call me ... sensitive

(...) Take the fuckin'(...) of his throat,
But wait, maybe there's a reason the (...) was here
But he can catch the rest (...) take it from him and make the world so much lovelier
Take this! And this! And that! And this! (...)
This will be the showdown!
Hold on!
Sometimes we Superheroes get caught up too much in our own world
And now you have to stop and watch us
But we're here, so you can keep living
(...) Every dirty four-to-the-floor (...)
(...) And aarrrg! - two hands on our waist
Humbling and (...) black and blue marks
Can turn to love