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Please Don't Worry

This song is by Grand Funk Railroad and appears on the album Grand Funk (1969).

If somebody tells you "look out boy,"
"That stuff you're doin' is way too strong."
Pay them no mind, just give 'em time,
Keep your head, you can't do no wrong.

Please don't worry, 'bout no jury,
There's so many, of us anyway.

If somebody tries to bust you,
'Cause you had their daughter late last night.
Don't get me wrong, but, you must be strong,
And, you just can't get uptight.

If somebody says you look funny,
'Cause the way you dress, to them, ain't right.
Say "Hey, can't you see, you look funny to me?"
"But, I'm just tryin' to be polite."

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