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Born To Die

This song is by Grand Funk Railroad and appears on the album Born To Die (1976).

(Mark farner)

Life is too short now, to live it half way.
I'm cryin' for my cousin, who died yesterday.
He never had a chance, no, not to express his views.
I swear that he's leaving it, to the rest of you.

Oh he ...

Lived his life of freedom, exactly the way that he wanted to.
But there's always that one thing, we never do count on.
You was born for it to happen to you ...

He was on a motorcycle, in a side car.
They was just outside of town, they hadn't ridden far.
Out to have a good time, on a bike they built.
How was they to know it, that night that he'd be killed.

Oh he ...

Oh he ...
Yes he ...

Copyright ' 1976 cram renraff

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