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Triumph of the Hordes (1994)Edit

Grand Belial's Key - Triumph of the Hordes

Triumph of the Hordes

  1. In Rapture By The Fenrir Moon
  2. Sleeping Princess Of The Arges
  3. When Darkness Rears Itself A Throne
  4. Erubus

A Witness to the Regicide (1996)Edit

Grand Belial's Key - A Witness to the Regicide

A Witness to the Regicide

  1. Brook of Kedron / The Mourners Flock to Gethsemane
  2. Conspicuous Imagery Adorns the Nunery
  3. Goat of a Thousand Young
  4. The Hexenhaus Vigil

Mocking the Philantrophist (1997)Edit

Grand Belial's Key - Mocking the Philantrophist

Mocking the Philantrophist

  1. Foul Parody of the Lord's Supper
  2. Shemhamforash
  3. Reflections of the Coffin Lid
  4. The Slums of Jerusalem
  5. Castrate the Redeemer
  6. Sumerian Fairytale
  7. At the Blessed Grotto
  8. Savouring the Virgin's Pessary
  9. In Rapture by the Fenrir Moon
  10. Demonarchy
  11. The Centaur
  12. Conspicuous Imagery Adorns the Nunnery
  13. The Seventh Enochian Key
  14. The Holocaust Trumpeter

Judeoblast Assassination (2001)Edit

Grand Belial's Key - Judeoblast Assassination

Judeoblast Assassination

  1. The Tenderhearted's Manifesto
  2. Pimps Of Gennesaret
  3. Fecal Parturition
  4. The Shitagogue
  5. Lamb Of God Slain Will Be
  6. Satanicunt
  7. Doves Of War

Kosherat (2005)Edit

Grand Belial's Key - Kosherat


  1. The Bearded Hustlers
  2. The Red Heifer
  3. Son of the Black Ram
  4. On a Mule Rides the Swindler
  5. Hobo of Aramaic Tongues
  6. The Tricifixion of Swine
  7. Immaculate Latrine
  8. Vultures of Misfortune
  9. Kingdom of Poisoned Fruits
  10. Holy Shit
  11. Doom Generation

Songs on Weltenfeind (2008)Edit



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