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​God Save the Scene

This song is by Grand:PM.

She walks through the streets sharing parables of wearables with the crowd of the uncool
The secret is in the genes, but I never see her smile
Maybe hopeless is the style, but she's singing all the while God Save The Scene

Just fake it and they'll never know
Weep for the cooler than thou show
They follow you anywhere you go
But they don't know you like I knew you back home

Living is so suburban but dying is even worse, it's so ten years ago

Just when you get it right, you know you've got it wrong
Cause there's a brand new way to belong, but were singing the same old song, God Save the Scene

One day, sweet perfection descended and she walked across the pond in central park
She's chillin' with Lou Reed, and she listens when you pray
Maybe she's in heaven to stay, but she's singing to this day God Save The Scene