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​You Cried Me

This song is by Grampall Jookabox and appears on the album Dead Zone Boys (2009).

Evil! In the first degree.
But you still smile and welcome me.
If you dare keep me around.
I take your soul with me underground.
I'll take you down with me girl.
I'll bite your neck. I'll make you crawl.
And you'll make what's left of me shiver.
When you cry me!
You're holding on to the last pure shreds.
You're goin' down the ghost of a man.
I have to beg you to let go.
Before it swallows you as well as me.
A zombie got me and she won't let go,
If you won't go, you're 'gonna die, with a memory.
When you cry me! - I can feel it closing in, cold blood blooming in my body.
Now you say you'll share my sin,
And live the evil life beside me.
No I can't let you do it.
You should go there's not much time.
You gonna live this life with me you foolish person?
Think again, and be sure you weigh the consequences carefully!
Now we can be together forever,
You and me livin' side by side - In an evil way!

Written by:

David Adamson