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It Takes a Village Idiot

This song is by Graham Parker and appears on the album Deepcut to Nowhere (2001).

I got my dunce's cap and cardboard sword
And I'm droolin' as you talk to me
You say I should be in a mental ward
But That might seem like home to me

'Cause I don't get it I don't understand
And I think love's overrated
Why can't a woman be more like a man
Instead of complicated

It takes a village idiot
It takes the class clown
And his whole crew
Well there's one idiot
In this village girl
And I guess it isn't you

You Wanna be listened to
And held and told
The things that really matter
But it's so subtle I just can't grasp hold
And all I know is idle chatter
You say it's simple but I'm simple too
And I don't tell you this with pride
But when I put together two and two
I keep comin' up with five

Do better than your best
This is not a test
That's what you keep tellin' me
Stop and think a bit
Only an idiot would
Look at a forest and
Just see a tree

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