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Blue Horizon

This song is by Graham Parker and appears on the album Deepcut to Nowhere (2001).

We'd follow the sound
Of the dirt tracking bikes

Into the sunset
Into the sunset

Or the wings of a painted lady butterfly
That escaped the net
Escaped the net
Or the cry of a long lost bird
That defied identification
You could hear it from the
Air raid shelter
With the walls soaked to saturation

These dreams will never sleep
That wake me from my adult slumber
They have no schedule to keep
And they drive me onward
Into the blue horizon

I'd hit the ground runnin'
I'd hit the ground hard
Then jump up alert
Jump up alert
My mother and father
Watched over me
And made sure I never really got hurt
Made sure I was never stifled or bound
That's what everybody needs
In their background
That's the rock you build
Your mountain on
And it can never never fall down

My friends all grew up
And some went out
All around the world
And back again too
Some of them stayed put
In their hometown
Well there's worse things
That you can do
Some of them married
Couple of them died
Some of them just go
Along for the ride
Can't claim to understand
What it all means
Probably nothing
But that's not how it seems

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