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Another Grey Area (1982)Edit

Graham Parker - Another Grey Area
Another Grey Area
  1. Temporary Beauty
  2. Another Grey Area
  3. No More Excuses
  4. Dark Side of the Bright Lights
  5. Can't Waste a Minute
  6. Big Fat Zero
  7. You Hit the Spot
  8. It's All Worth Nothing Alone
  9. Crying for Attention
  10. Thankless Task
  11. Fear Not
Bonus track on 1991 reissue
  1. Mercury Poisoning

The Real Macaw (1983)Edit

Graham Parker - The Real Macaw
The Real Macaw
  1. Just Like a Man
  2. You Can't Take Love for Granted
  3. Glass Jaw
  4. Passive Resistance
  5. Sounds Like Chains
  6. Life Gets Better
  7. A Miracle a Minute
  8. Beyond a Joke
  9. Last Couple on the Dance Floor
  10. Anniversary
  11. (Too Late) The Smart Bomb
Bonus track on 1991 and digital media reissues
  1. I Want You Back
Additional bonus tracks on digital media reissues
  1. You Hit the Spot
  2. (Too Late) The Smart Bomb (extended dance mix)

The Mona Lisa's Sister (1988)Edit

Graham Parker - The Mona Lisa's Sister
The Mona Lisa's Sister
  1. Don't Let It Break You Down
  2. Under the Mask of Happiness
  3. Back in Time
  4. I'm Just Your Man
  5. OK Hieronymus
  6. Get Started, Start a Fire
  7. The Girl Isn't Ready
  8. Blue Highways
  9. Success
  10. I Don't Know
  11. Cupid
Bonus track on 1999 reissue
  1. Ordinary Girl

Live! Alone In America (1989)Edit

Graham Parker - Live! Alone In America
Live! Alone In America
  1. White Honey
  2. Watch the Moon Come Down
  3. Black Honey
  4. Protection
  5. Soul Corruption
  6. Gypsy Blood
  7. Back to Schooldays
  8. Durban Poison
  9. The 3 Martini Lunch
  10. Back in Time
  11. Hotel Chambermaid
  12. Don't Let It Break You Down
  13. You Can't Be Too Strong
  14. A Change Is Gonna Come

Human Soul (1989)Edit

Graham Parker - Human Soul
Human Soul
  1. Little Miss Understanding
  2. My Love's Strong
  3. Dancing for Money
  4. Call Me Your Doctor
  5. Big Man on Paper
  6. Soultime
  7. Everything Goes
  8. Sugar Gives You Energy
  9. Daddy's a Postman
  10. Green Monkeys
  11. I Was Wrong
  12. You Got the World (Right Where You Want It)
  13. Slash and Burn
Bonus track on CD release
  1. [untitled]

Everything Goes (lengthened version) (1990)Edit

Graham Parker - Everything Goes (Lengthened Version)
Everything Goes (lengthened version)
  1. Everything Goes (lengthened version)
  2. That Thing Is Rockin'

Struck by Lightning (1991)Edit

Graham Parker - Struck By Lightning
Struck by Lightning
  1. She Wants So Many Things
  2. They Murdered the Clown
  3. Strong Winds
  4. The Kid With the Butterfly Net
  5. And It Shook Me
  6. Wrapping Paper
  7. That's Where She Ends Up
  8. A Brand New Book
  9. Weeping Statues
  10. Guardian Angels
  11. Children and Dogs
  12. Over the Border (to America)
  13. When I Was King
  14. Ten Girls Ago
  15. The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again
Bonus track on 2004 reissue
  1. I'm Into Something Good

Burning Questions (1992)Edit

Graham Parker - Burning Questions
Burning Questions
  1. Release Me
  2. Too Many Knots to Untangle
  3. Just Like Joe Meek's Blues
  4. Love Is a Burning Question
  5. Platinum Blonde
  6. Long Stem Rose
  7. Short Memories
  8. Here It Comes Again
  9. Mr. Tender
  10. Just Like Hermann Hesse
  11. Yesterday's Cloud
  12. Oasis
  13. Worthy of Your Love

Live Alone! Discovering Japan (1993)Edit

Graham Parker - Live Alone! Discovering Japan
Live Alone! Discovering Japan
  1. That's What They All Say
  2. Platinum Blonde
  3. Mercury Poisoning
  4. Sweet 16
  5. No Woman No Cry
  6. Lunatic Fringe
  7. Long Stem Rose
  8. Discovering Japan
  9. Don't Ask Me Questions
  10. Watch the Moon Come Down (revisited)
  11. Just Like Hermann Hesse
  12. Too Many Knots to Untangle
  13. Chopsticks
  14. Short Memories

12 Haunted Episodes (1995)Edit

Graham Parker - 12 Haunted Episodes
12 Haunted Episodes
  1. Partner for Life
  2. Pollinate
  3. Force of Nature
  4. Disney's America
  5. Haunted Episodes
  6. Next Phase
  7. Honest Work
  8. Cruel Stage
  9. See Yourself
  10. Loverman
  11. Fly
  12. First Day of Spring

Acid Bubblegum (1996)Edit

Graham Parker - Acid Bubblegum
Acid Bubblegum
  1. Turn It Into Hate
  2. Sharpening Axes
  3. Get Over It and Move On
  4. Bubblegum Cancer
  5. Impenetrable
  6. She Never Let Me Down
  7. Obsessed With Aretha
  8. Beancounter
  9. Girl at the End of the Pier
  10. Baggage
  11. Milk Train
  12. Character Assassination
  13. They Got It Wrong (as Usual)

Loose Monkeys (1999)Edit

Graham Parker - Loose Monkeys
Loose Monkeys
  1. There's a Ghost in My House
  2. Burnin' on a Higher Flame
  3. Durban Poison
  4. Tortured Soul
  5. Wherever You Are
  6. Dead to the World
  7. Hormone of Love
  8. Everything Goes (version 1)
  9. I'm in Love With You
  10. Natalie
  11. I Just Can't Capture Her Imagination (version 1)
  12. Corporate Rock
  13. Love in the Air
  14. Waiting for the Next World
  15. I Just Can't Capture Her Imagination (version 2)
  16. She's Been Working
  17. Still Got My Faith
  18. Don't Kid Yourself
  19. The Invisible Woman
  20. Guillotine of Guadeloupe

Deepcut to Nowhere (2001)Edit

Graham Parker - Deepcut To Nowhere
Deepcut to Nowhere
  1. Dark Days
  2. I'll Never Play Jacksonville Again
  3. If It Ever Stops Rainin'
  4. Depend on Me
  5. High Horse
  6. Cheap Chipped Black Nails
  7. Blue Horizon
  8. Tough on Clothes
  9. Socks 'n' Sandals
  10. It Takes a Village Idiot
  11. Syphilis & Religion
  12. Last Stop Is Nowhere

The Official Art Vandelay Tapes (2003)Edit

Graham Parker - The Official Art Vandelay Tapes
The Official Art Vandelay Tapes
  1. Everything Goes
  2. That Thing Is Rockin'
  3. Substitute
  4. Class Act
  5. Women in Charge
  6. Museum Piece
  7. Ordinary Girl
  8. Too Much Time to Think
  9. Museum of Stupidity
  10. Ghost in My House
  11. Wherever You Are
  12. Behind the Wall of Sleep
  13. I'm Into Something Good
  14. You Hit the Spot
  15. Break Them Down
  16. Habit Worth Forming
  17. Bricks and Mortar
  18. The Bleep

Your Country (2004)Edit

Graham Parker - Your Country
Your Country
  1. Anything for a Laugh
  2. The Rest Is History
  3. Cruel Lips
  4. Almost Thanksgiving Day
  5. Nation of Shopkeepers
  6. Queen of Compromise
  7. Things I've Never Said
  8. Sugaree
  9. Tornado Alley
  10. Fairground
  11. Crawling From the Wreckage (revisited)

The Official Art Vandelay Tapes, Volume Two (2005)Edit

Graham Parker - The Official Art Vandelay Tapes, Volume Two
The Official Art Vandelay Tapes, Volume Two
  1. When the Lights Go Down
  2. You Hit the Spot (live)
  3. Sinkin' Low (live)
  4. Durban Poison (live)
  5. I Want You Back (Alive)
  6. (Too Late) The Smart Bomb (12" remix)
  7. Just Like a Man (7" edit)
  8. No More Excuses (live)
  9. Howlin' Wind (live)
  10. Don't Ask Me Questions (acoustic version)
  11. White Honey (live)
  12. Passion Is No Ordinary Word (live)
  13. Get Started, Start a Fire (live)

The Official Art Vandelay Tapes, Live One (2005)Edit

Graham Parker - The Official Art Vandelay Tapes, Live One
The Official Art Vandelay Tapes, Live One
  1. Don't Let It Break You Down
  2. Thunder and Rain
  3. Local Girls
  4. Passion Is No Ordinary Word
  5. Durban Poison
  6. Howlin' Wind
  7. Sinkin' Low
  8. Blue Highways
  9. Under the Mask of Happiness
  10. OK Hieronymus
  11. White Honey
  12. Get Started, Start a Fire
  13. You Hit the Spot
  14. No More Excuses

Don't Tell Columbus (2007)Edit

Graham Parker - Don't Tell Columbus
Don't Tell Columbus
  1. I Discovered America
  2. England's Latest Clown
  3. Ambiguous
  4. The Other Side of the Reservoir
  5. Suspension Bridge
  6. Love or Delusion
  7. Total Eclipse of the Moon
  8. Stick to the Plan
  9. Somebody Saved Me
  10. Hard Side of the Rain
  11. Bullet of Redemption
  12. All Being Well

Imaginary Television (2010)Edit

Graham Parker - Imaginary Television
Imaginary Television
  1. Weather Report
  2. Broken Skin
  3. It's My Party (But I Won't Cry)
  4. Bring Me a Heart Again
  5. Snowgun
  6. Always Greener
  7. See Things My Way
  8. You're Not Where You Think You Are
  9. Head on Straight
  10. More Questions Than Answers
  11. 1st Responder

Songs from CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. See Willy Fly By
  2. Well Well Well

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