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Sleep Song

This song is by Graham Nash and appears on the album Songs for Beginners (1971).

When you were asleep
I was kissing your forehead
You gave a frown, so I kissed you again
You started waking and put your arms around my waist
Just making sure I was there
Then you drifted away
Then you drifted away

And when I awoke
I found out I'd been dreaming
Some of my bedclothes were still on the floor
I looked around, realized you were leaving me
I saw the back of your dress
As you slipped through the door
As you slipped through the door

And when I return
I will kiss your eyes open
Take off my clothes and I'll lie by your side
And then I will wait 'til the sandman has done with you
And as you sleepily rise
You'll find I'll be there
You'll find I'll be there

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