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Songs for Beginners (1971)Edit

Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners
Songs for Beginners
  1. Military Madness
  2. Better Days
  3. Wounded Bird
  4. I Used To Be A King
  5. Be Yourself
  6. Simple Man
  7. Man In The Mirror
  8. There's Only One
  9. Sleep Song
  10. Chicago
  11. We Can Change The World

Wild Tales (1973)Edit

Graham Nash - Wild Tales
Wild Tales
  1. Wild Tales
  2. Hey You (Looking At The Moon)
  3. Prison Song
  4. You'll Never Be The Same
  5. And So It Goes
  6. Grave Concern
  7. Oh! Camil (The Winter Soldier)
  8. I Miss You
  9. On The Line
  10. Another Sleep Song

Earth & Sky (1980)Edit

Graham Nash - Earth & Sky
Earth & Sky
  1. Earth & Sky
  2. Love Has Come
  3. Out Of The Island
  4. Skychild
  5. Helicopter Song
  6. Barrel Of Pain (Half-Life)
  7. TV Guide
  8. It's All Right
  9. Magical Child
  10. In The 80's

Innocent Eyes (1986)Edit

Graham Nash - Innocent Eyes
Innocent Eyes
  1. See You In Prague
  2. Keep Away From Me
  3. Innocent Eyes
  4. Chippin' Away
  5. Over The Wall
  6. Don't Listen To The Rumours
  7. Sad Eyes
  8. Newday
  9. Glass And Steel
  10. I Got A Rock

Songs for Survivors (2002)Edit

Graham Nash - Songs For Survivors
Songs for Survivors
  1. Dirty Little Secret
  2. Blizzard Of Lies
  3. Lost Another One
  4. The Chelsea Hotel
  5. I'll Be There For You
  6. Nothing In The World
  7. Where Loves Lies Tonight
  8. Pavanne
  9. Liar's Nightmare
  10. Come With Me

This Path Tonight (2016)Edit

Graham Nash - This Path Tonight
This Path Tonight
  1. This Path Tonight
  2. Myself at Last
  3. Cracks in the City
  4. Beneath the Waves
  5. Fire Down Below
  6. Another Broken Heart
  7. Target
  8. Golden Days
  9. Back Home
  10. Encore
Bonus tracks on Deluxe edition
  1. Mississippi Burning
  2. Watch Out for the Wind
  3. The Fall

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Blowin' In The Wind
  2. Crow On The Cradle
  3. Gentle Thing
  4. I'll Be There
  5. Music Is Love (Audio W/ Picture)
  6. Music Is Love
  7. Raining In My Heart
  8. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
  9. Try To Find Me
  10. Two Hearts
  11. What Are Their Names
  12. Where Love Lies Tonight

Additional information

Artist information:
  • b.1942
Real name:

Graham Nash is a performance name for Graham William Nash.

Years active:

1958 - present

Graham Nash was a member of:
Record labels:

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