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Wide Open Inside

This song is by Graham Colton.

i kick back.
you could be hurt standing this close,
then react.
i don't say anything, 'cause no one really knows
how it ends or begins or who wrote this story,
and i don't mind anymore
what you said that tore me

open inside
i'm so wide
open inside

they asked me is there one single regret?
i'm looking back,
but i wouldn't move one hair on your head.
i miss you, to kiss you
to see you often or until another lifetime.
if you want me to wait i will

i'll be wide open inside
i'm so wide.
i'm open inside.

could i be right?
should i be wrong?
it's just one more time
weekend see you gone
should i stay a while?
should i say goodnight?
i'm just so tired of these lullabyes...

i am wide open inside.
i'm so wide. i'm open inside
girl i am wide, girl i am wide
girl i am wide, girl i am wide
wide, woh

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