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This song is by Grace Gale and appears on the album Stronger Faster Science (2008).

Will you still call me a year there after?

Share in the same cynical laughter?

At the thought of fence riding in fair weather. (you)...

Will you be the judge who judges all the judges and hold a grudge like there was something between us?

Well I guess you'll never see it through...

So tell me that you hate me and you never really needed me.

You'll find those long nights somewhere else.

So tell me that you love me and you'll never ever leave me,

Because you can't do this by yourself

Make up your mind

Make up my mind...

Throw the sailor over board and let my body wash ashore because every word that passes those lips is another night spent on a sinking ship.

How does this become about you?

A single shot from a twenty-two is all that you would hear, baby blue...

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