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Rollerskaite Date

This song is by Gröûp X and appears on the album 40 Oz. Slushie (1999) and on the album Stepping On The Crowtche Owf Your Americain Presidaint (2000).

Like the way you sing
Like the way you dance
Hashmeer like the way you like in the hot pants
Huh, look so good I want to give you a hug
Make me want to do the sex on grizzly bear rug
Like the way you walk when you jiggle your hips
Look so good make me want to do a flip
And bet you taste the better than the hot dog and chip
Wish I could at least to give you kick on the lips
I see you everyday in mercedes benz
I see you everyday riding with your friends
I say cmon girl cmon give me a ride
But you don't even see me you don't let me inside
I'm not good at the soccor ball
And I shmell pretty bad
And I'm not very tall
But gimme a call, let's go out friday
Oh you have to pay and we go to rollerskate.

Rollerskate date
On a friday evening
Bitch I'm not staying
If you are not paying

I say to you "hey" you say "what you want"
I say I saw you other day in the restraunt
You had dinner with a piece of pie
But why were you sitting with that idiot guy?
So I go to you and I say "who is him?"
You say "go away hashameer, that's my boyfriend"
I said "I don't care if he is your boyfriend
Cause I wanna towtch your poocate
With my slimjim"
Then boyfriend got up
Hit me in the head
Push me on the floor
Kick me in the leg
Hurt so bad and it hurt so lot
But I know he got mad cause you think I'm hot
Yes you like me I can tell
Even though you say go away and go the the hell
So girl why wait let's go on a date
But you have to pay and we go to rollerskate

Rollerskate date
On a friday evening
Bitch I'm not staying
If you are not paying

Push off bitch!

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