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Mario Twins

This song is by Gröûp X and appears on the album 40 Oz. Slushie (1999) and on the album Stepping On The Crowtche Owf Your Americain Presidaint (2000).

Hey Shplang!
Shiggity shiggity shwaa...

Guess what, idioth?
What you did today?



Hey, I got a new Super88 System.

You did not!

Swear to god I got it at Chunky's for 2 dollar-es.

Oh yeah? Let me see it... Wow.

Yeah, you like that idiot.
I do.
I got it, you don't.
Shut up.

God damn.

Hey, guess what?


It has new game.

What game?

I want to play it!
The game is called Mario Twins.

They look the same.


Good gawd... they look so God damn like the same person.
I would say to them You want ice cream cone?
Both of them say yes.
How in the hell?

They are twins. That's why.

What the hell?
Hey, Let's play it. Ready?

All right.

Do it.

There it goes.

(Vocal forms of mario levels)

Hey Shplang, Shplang!

Uh oh, You found the Princess!
She's in another castle.
Go away!

What in the hell she is doing?

Hey, crap on this.
Let's go play Super Mario's Punch-off!

All right. Let's quit this game.


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