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Good Girl Yes, Bad Girl No

This song is by Gröûp X and appears on the album 40 Oz. Slushie (1999) and on the album Stepping On The Crowtche Owf Your Americain Presidaint (2000).

Hey Girl You Not Very Nice
You don't even know how to tie your own shoe-ays
I say to you how to tie a shoe
You say you don't know so you wear the velcrue

I give you 50 cent to go to the store
You supposed to spend 30 but you spend more
Supposed to give 5 but you only gave 4
Say your dumb got chopped on the floor

No you did not! you lie about everything!
Don't think that I don't know about the saindvich
You made me say daimit cause you took it to kainsas
You say that you ate it but you're doing me daimage

You look like a microwave yes I think so
But I don't want you to break my big toe!

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