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Make It Alone

This song is by Gowan and appears on the album Gowan (1982).

I don't want to fight
What's been coming on
I don't want to wait any longer
I got to be strong now
But I do know that I
Won't be the same now
No matter how much I try
I'll never bring back that feeling
It's lost in the life I'm stealing

Can I make it alone
When I least expected, to be on my own
Can I make it alone
When I find myself
So far away from my home

We ran down that road
For som many miles
'Cause we always knew we could take it
But we're not gonna make it
Still I keep running on, hoping the dream lies
On the other side of that hill
'Cause I know that I've got to find it
I've been running so long I'm blinded

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