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Come A Little Closer

This song is by Gowan and appears on the album Gowan (1982).

Last night I stared into a mirror
That hangs on an open door
Into a face I have known
And barely recognize
I looked again and then I started to see
Where the problem was
I've been misguided
I fell for all the old lies

I don't know why you stare at me
I've been here for all these years
I don't pretend to give you any answer
Turning the question over to you
Waiting for your reply
Are you in line for taking any chances

Come a little closer
To the one you left behind
Come a little closer
Let me read your vital signs
Come a little closer
That's all you need to do
Come a little closer
Put me back in touch with you

I've been rejected by a beautiful club of impressarios
They're not connected to the people
That know their disguise
But they're sitting well protected
By the rules of a game
I don't understand
If you're selected
You better try it for size

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