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Malady Macabre

This song is by Gouge and appears on the album Beyond Death (2015).

Crawling up your sewage at night
Darkness reigns, the moon is gone
The floor stinks of deadness
Stench reek through the walls

Never noticed, never heard
Only steaming in your blood
Turning intestines to a plant
Cultivating diseases like ants

Malady macabre

Chewing on your last lifecells
From beyond your thoughts
Processing death in your sleep
The cause for which I exist

Strapping muscles till they collapse
Awakening while the treatment expands
But your death doesn't come yet
They wait for his last caress

Malady macabre


Music by:

Herman Holen, Christoffer Bråthen

Lyrics by:

Christoffer Bråthen

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