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This song is by Gotthard and appears on the album D Frosted (1997).

Don't know if it's day or night
Am I goin' wrong or right?
I'm alone again,
I'm without a friend

Don't know if I'm still alive
Am I gonna lose my mind?
Will I fall again,
Will I stand the pain

When life takes me by surprise
Will I just close my eyes?
Will I just let it be?

When life takes all your dreams away
It's hard to find the way
The strength to carry on

But I feel these tears will make me strong

Everything is turning grey
Just waiting for tomorrow, hey
Gotta find myself
Gotta break this shell

'Cause I won't let it get me down
Don't wanna wear this ugly frown
I can start again
I believe I can

When life takes me by surprise
I won't just close my eyes
I won't just let it be

'Cause I'll be strong enough to fight
To know what's wrong or right
And I will find my way
Someday, someday...

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