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Let It Be

This song is by Gotthard and appears…

Don't know who's to blame
Don't know who was wrong
Love has died too soon
After all had just begun
Something in your eyes
Tells me you still care
Oh baby I swear

Deep inside my heart
Deep inside my soul
Something tells me no, I can't let you go
Saw it in your eyes
Last time when we met
I will never forget

How can I say
Our love is gonna last forever
How can you go
With this empty broken heart
Of mine

Let it be, let it be
Love's like a gun on me
Let it be, let it be
Like a bag of broken glass
I was killed in the name of love

You never see it comin'
Doesn't tell you when it goes
Think it's gettin' near
Suddenly it's gone
Dirty little game
Don't even know your name
You just wouldn't stay

Did you ever worried
Askin' maybe please
Knew you couldn't take it
I would get on my knees
Searching for way out
But there ain't no doubt
It's like going blind
...Get down on my knees for you

How can you say
You love me but it's better this way
If you don't need it anymore
I'm drowning down like never before

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