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This song is by Gotthard and appears…

First base, it's me livin'
An empty life so wrong
Heading to nowhere
Drinking all night long

Then somebody told me
Man, you better stop
You're going down
You need something to believe

On the second, I was building
Castles in the air
Dreamed of a kingdom
I was never going to share

But it felt so empty
Something should've come my way
Now I know
And it's clear inside of me...

Here I stand again
I'm a gambler, I'm a man
It's my homerun, my homerun to you
Every life's a game
And there's no one you can blame
This is my homerun, my homerun to you

Third base saw me taking
All her pictures from the wall
When love surrendered
I fell as deep as I could fall

And the fourth back to my music
To free this troubled mind
I found something
After times of being blind

I was searching, bleeding
Cried some tears of pain
I was yearning, screaming
An' all brought me back to you...

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