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The Gossip (1999)Edit

Gossip - The Gossip
The Gossip
  1. Red Hott
  2. On the Prowl
  3. Jailbreak
  4. Dressed in Black

That's Not What I Heard (2001)Edit

Gossip - That's Not What I Heard
That's Not What I Heard
  1. Swing Low
  2. Got All This Waiting
  3. Bones
  4. Sweet Sweet Baby
  5. Tuff Luv
  6. Got Body If You Want It
  7. Where the Girls Are
  8. Bring It On
  9. Heartbeats
  10. Cat Fight
  11. Jailbreak
  12. Southern Comfort
  13. And You Know...
  14. Hott Date

Movement (2003)Edit

Gossip - Movement
  1. Nite
  2. Jason's Basement
  3. No, No, No
  4. Don't (Make Waves)
  5. All My Days
  6. Yesterday's News
  7. Fire/Sign
  8. Confess
  9. Lesson Learned
  10. Dangerrr
  11. Light Light Sleep

Standing In The Way Of Control (2006)Edit

The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control
Standing in the Way of Control
  1. Fire with Fire
  2. Standing in the Way of Control
  3. Jealous Girls
  4. Coal to Diamonds
  5. Eyes Open
  6. Yr Mangled Heart
  7. Listen Up!
  8. Holy Water
  9. Keeping You Alive
  10. Dark Lines

Music for Men (2009)Edit

The Gossip - Music For Men
Music for Men
  1. Dimestore Diamond
  2. Heavy Cross
  3. 8th Wonder
  4. Love Long Distance
  5. Pop Goes the World
  6. Vertical Rhythm
  7. Men in Love
  8. For Keeps
  9. 2012
  10. Love and Let Love
  11. Four Letter Word
  12. Spare Me from the Mold
Bonus track on US release
  1. The Breakdown

A Joyful Noise (2012)Edit

Gossip - A Joyful Noise
A Joyful Noise
  1. Melody Emergency
  2. Perfect World
  3. Get A Job
  4. Move In The Right Direction
  5. Casualties Of War
  6. Into The Wild
  7. Get Lost
  8. Involved
  9. Horns
  10. I Won't Play
  11. Love In A Foreign Place
  12. Perfect World (Remix)

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Are You That Somebody?
  2. Don't Make Waves
  3. Perfect World/fr

Additional information

Years active:


Band members:
  • Beth Ditto - vocals (1999-)
  • Brace Paine - guitar (1999-)
  • Hannah Blilie - drums (2003-)
Former members:
  • Kathy Mendonca - drums (1999-2003)
Related artists:
Record labels:

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