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Wake Up Murder

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation (2008).

Things that I see every day, are not my fuckin' choice
I do my own thing casually, until I hear his voice
My father is an evil man, the one who runs my life
I'm his slave in this fucked up kingdom
He rules with an iron knife

He wakes with urges, a sort of deathly hunger
Massacring street trash victims
And puts them six feet under
The rancid stench of dead and filthy
Cum soaked and blood drenched flesh
As I breath in, I can taste the death

As I walk to the basement, the odor hits me hard
I trip on dead body parts
I turn and see his dates on meat hooks

He's done this many times before
Called my mom a dirty whore
He seems to have a thing for blondes
I wonder if this is wrong, he's into being asphyxiated
But he'll return the favor, but when her neck is snapped
He begins to rape the dead whore

Slicing, her blood's dripping
Twisting, her head comes off

The gruesome images I have seen
I feel I have to re-create
I try to deny my true feelings
But it always turns to hate
As I see a gorgeous woman
I need to turn her inside out
Crack her skull and fuck her slit throat
The blood shoots on me when she shouts

I tear out her eyes with my bear hands
As I swallow them whole I tear out her tongue

Down on your knees, eyes to the killer
Down on your knees, where is your savior

Tearing the face off of the whore
Take her apart till she's no more
I puncture her chest and pull out her ribs

I tear out her guts and bite off her tits
From her intestines I suck up the blood
Take the flesh from her face and make it my own

I take my fist, wrap it in barbwire
I fist her ass, and rip out her spine

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