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Skull Fragments

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation (2008).

Walk into my bedroom, the stenches are unbearable
For those who do not know the pleasures of fucking the dead
The scent drives me into a crazy frenzy
Sending my hand under the table
Reaching for the bag with the disgusting head

Distinctive feel of putrid flesh around my being
No living woman can recreate the disgusting feeling
Of a rotting head of my dead girlfriend around me
The frenzy takes control of my life

The fleshy bits and liquids drip down my thighs and knees
Soon it rubs against nothing but skull
The eye lids and flesh worn down by hours of necroeroticism
The skull is cracking

I've had you in this sack
For committing, those intolerable acts
Fucking your eyes
Brings pleasure for me
Skull fragments

Fuck me over? I'll fuck your head
Adrenaline through my veins, it demands this skull
It demands that its form be forever morphed
Unrecognizable by any human eye

The sight of your disgraceful face cracking and crumbling
As skull fragments fly against the wall
Everyone you have ever harmed, another thrust into your head
This is their revenge, crush goes your skull

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