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Pool of Excrement

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation (2008).

Another day another victim
Body dragged across the floor
Leaving a trail of blood as she's dragged in
Throw her in the tub
Let the gutting begin

Let the hot water run to soften the mangled corpse
Incision made above the sternum
Skin and flesh peeled back and cut with my knife
A filet of flesh only fit for me

Let the hot water run to soften the mangled corpse

See her blood float above the water
And bits of rotting warm flesh along with
See the water fill the chest cavity
As I extract the organs from the bitch
See the water fill the chest cavity

The warm water washes the blood and sin away
So I dig my hands deeper in the corpse to stain them again
After hours and days brutal work
Of stripping every pieces of flesh and skin from the body
Inhaling the decrepit smell
There is nothing of the bitch but a red skeleton
And a pool of fleshy remains and water

Throw the corpse into the bedroom for an after dinner fuck fest

But for now the warm decaying feast awaits me
The bloody intestines lay atop the water
The stench, putrid, the sight, horrific, the taste, delicious
The purest form of element on the Earth
One which all uses to clean their sins away with
Could not even come close to talking my floating flesh pile from me

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