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Pedophilic Manipulation

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation (2008).

I bend your inexperienced mind
So uneducated, so vulnerable
Shaped and twisted to fulfill my needs
The pedophilic greed
It grows inside of me
Deeply embedded in my train of thought
Every victim has potential, no fear of getting caught
Care I not for their scars and wounds
Just enjoying my cock in their young virgin wombs

Thoughts so perverse and repulsive
The depths of my sexual depravity, you could not even fathom
Short and gluttonous, old, disgusting, laughed at for the way I am

But I know you have had thoughts such as I
For we are all desperate sex fiends inside

So do not deny these accusations

For we have all had many thoughts of perverse mutilation

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