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Meat Grinder Homicide

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation (2008).

Disgusting, stew of sickness, what can all this be
Dad where is Mom, is she alive?

"Well you see, I caught that bitch cheating
And a fight ensued
Stabbed her in the chest
There was nothing she could do
Convulsing on the table
Next to the machine
I figured she would make a delicious stew

Thoughts of how I would dispose her cheating corpse

Throwing the cutlery block on the counter
Choosing my instrument from dissection
I decided another method is best
Picked up her body by her thighs

The machine works as the weapon
The instrument for dissection

Oh well son, see what's for dinner is your mother
It seems that I put her, in the meat grinder

Sit down now
Eat her corpse
Or the same
Will happen to you"

I ate her up, as he said
Fearing what could happen, to me next

Bloody and bits of flesh, everywhere
See there's nothing left of my mom, anywhere
Taste better then, getting the knife

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