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Hereditary Retardation

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation (2008).

Born into this world
Am I a boy or girl?
Grotesque, disfigured
Wheel chairs, so absurd

An eternal happiness full of drool
People think I'm really cool
That special look that I've acquired
And raging outbursts from my mouth are fired
Shit my pants, puked my dinner
God made me like this, but I'm no sinner

I see my father, head turned to the side
Jaw detached, and face beady eyed
As I roll closer in my wheel chair
My foot got caught in some pubic hair
Now I'm near, and the stench of shit
Seeps from his wheel chair, where he sits

As for Mother, I should have known
That it was father, who she had blown
Her head to the side, I had no clue
That infact she was a retard too
One tit on her chest, one on the back
With the same hairs that I have on my sack

Doesn't matter how old I am
Just watch the movie "I Am Sam"
Then you'll understand much later
Why I dangle that piece of paper

We're demented disfigured and don't give a fuck
'Cause we're here forever so you're stuck
Watching us as we feed on eachother
You laugh and joke, but to us no bother
We're all just happier than you
Jesus was a retard, I thought you knew?

Feces, saliva, that's all I feel

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