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Gluttonous Consumption Of The Uninfected

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Awakening Pestilent Beings (2010).

An overwhelming need
To fill my decaying
Stomach with
Flesh of uninfected
Catch the scent
Of organs pumping
Liquid substance
Cravings fueled by my bloodlust

Prey is near
Cravings take control
Cranial rot diminishing
Reality into vertigo of
Unrelenting hunger

Contemplating a massive
Feast of organs
Eye contact is made
The chase begins

The first bite ignites
Bestial instinct
Sucking the bones dry
Hunger only seems

On the hunt again
Unholy craving for human flesh
From behind tear the neck is open
Veins get stuck between my teeth
Virus spread without the breeding
Infecting as I kill

Crack the skull
See brains throbbing
Fragments piercing
Nails now rotted
For limbs infected
Helpless decapitated and dissected

Never ending
Human cravings
Keeping me alive

Cadavers left rot
Now awaken
Spreading the disease
That once killed them
Aroused from their teeth

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