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Disembowelment By Regurgitation

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Awakening Pestilent Beings (2010).

Hoards of infected
On the rampage
Killing and maiming
Insatiable appetite
For violence's
And human flesh

Crushing the heads off the uninfected
Grabbing the prey
Smashing them face first
Consuming the face
Leaving a tenderized mass
Devoured to fill
The unfathomable hunger

Regurgitating bloody bile soaked entrails
Back onto the half eaten flesh
Mangled vomitous disgorgement
Tantalizing with the scent of its own digestion

Permeating rot stimulating lusting hunger
Piles of guts pouring out your gut
Slashing and hacking
To devour maggot covered putrid flesh
Ingurgitated the living
Expel decomposing dead

Dragging mangled limbs
Skin covered in maggots
Bile liquid mass
Choking on entrails

Suffer vomitous lacerations
From my cadaveric

Laying gutted but still alive
Gagging on your own insides

The disease steps in to the Earth
Infecting the prey

Suffocation by disembowelment
Grabbing the neck and tearing
Lungs full of blood and bile

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