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Compulsive Ocular Torture

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Awakening Pestilent Beings (2010).

Salivating as the
Obsession of primal
Lusting hunger for
Cranial fluids
Flesh and innards intensifies

Clawing at the windows
Of their own abandoned homes
Hoping for some forgotten
Morsel of flesh and meat of man

Nothing will survive
Creatures find prey
Glass shatters and catches your face
Blood porously shoots
Undead beasts start swarming
Feasting on your eyes
Rotted nails
Buried deep inside your skull
Cracking your head in half

Feel the cracks now
Getting deeper
And deeper
As your face
Starts to
Tear slowly apart
Zombie bastards
Drooling over
Your mouth
Forcing you
To swallow
Drowning in
Rotted filth
Zombie bastard

The gurgling
Of your own
Drowns out
The sound of
Undead beasts
Your brain through
Your eye sockets
Gang green tongues
Through the bone
Sucking furiously
Sucking hungerly
Skull fragments
The only remains
Soaking in zombie shit