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Cadaveric Genocide

This song is by Gortuary and appears on the album Awakening Pestilent Beings (2010).

Dead to this world
Liven day by day
In decaying dying world
Decrypted human existence

Dead flesh preying on the living
Forced to survive
Killing the corpse of the
One you once identified

Devouring the fresh kill
Hacking the meat from the bone

Sever the head
Add the skull
To the pile

Killing to survive
Slaughter, slaying to exist
Determine to stay conscious

Consuming the flesh
Of uninfected humans
Become the undead
Collect the heads of
The decapitated

Disgorged from disgust
Rotted maggot corpses
Fucking rancid
Zombie guts

Gut infested disease
Unholy gluttonous greed
Defending the living
From the rotting living undead
So I can devour
Uninfected humans

Mass grave of the infected dead
Pulverize the cadavers into fragments
To reframe them from escape

Cadaveric genocide

Pulverized to rotting liquid ashy god
Infects all that inhaul it in
The infection never ends

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