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Album by Gorillaz.
  1. Intro: I Switched My Robot Off
  2. Ascension (featuring Vince Staples)
  3. Strobelite (featuring Peven Everett)
  4. Saturnz Barz (featuring Popcaan)
  5. Momentz (featuring De La Soul)
  6. Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath
  7. Submission (featuring Danny Brown and Kelela)
  8. Charger (featuring Grace Jones)
  9. Interlude: Elevator Going Up
  10. Andromeda (featuring D.R.A.M.)
  11. Busted and Blue
  12. Interlude: Talk Radio
  13. Carnival (featuring Anthony Hamilton)
  14. Let Me Out (featuring Mavis Staples and Pusha T)
  15. Interlude: Penthouse
  16. Sex Murder Party (featuring Jamie Principle and Zebra Katz)
  17. She's My Collar (featuring Kali Uchis)
  18. Interlude: The Elephant
  19. Hallelujah Money (featuring Benjamin Clementine)
  20. We Got the Power (featuring Jehnny Beth)
Deluxe edition bonus tracks
  1. Interlude: New World
  2. The Apprentice (featuring Rag'N'Bone Man, Zebra Katz and Ray BLK)
  3. Halfway to the Halfway House (featuring Peven Everett)
  4. Out of Body (featuring Kilo Kish, Zebra Katz and Imani Vonshà)
  5. Ticker Tape (featuring Carly Simon and Kali Uchis)
  6. Circle of Friendz (featuring Brandon Markell Holmes)

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