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​Just Joog

This song is by Gorilla Zoe.

I don't dance
I just joog
And I don't smoke mid
I smoke kush
And I dony sip cris
I sip lean,
You can probly catch me, rollin' on the bean
Rollin-rollin' on the bean
Catch me sippin lean
I be on the green,
Yeah that irene
Rollin-rollin' on the bean
Catch me sippin lean
I be on the green,
Yeah that irene

Pop one pop two
I'm on some triple stacks
I'm rollin' like a full, biting down and all that
I'm on that lean, that purple stuff ya mean
I'm puttin' two ounces in a cup and a bean
Oh my god I'm geeked
And I can't sleep
I'm rollin' like a full, I been rollin' 'bout a week
The lean got me movin in slow motion and shit
I'm at the red light, and I'm so lit
I got this girl with me and she biting down too
Hey baby can you please blow the smoke out the roof
She leanin like a full-I'm leanin like a full
Bout to take her to the room
And hit her with this broom

Awww man I'm fucked up
Poured up a full, styrafoam cup
Promethazine fiend
Stomach full of lean

Gangsta green giant
Poppin' hella beans

I'm dumb, I'm a dodo
You know gorilla zoe tho
Rollin' off a bean, lookin' for a bitch to pogo
I been sippin lean, got my sprite in my cup hoe
Bitches takin' pictures, seen the leanin in the lambo
That's a marcilago
These are not prodos
These here are prodos
Those are soft tacos
Tongue feelin' numb, think I need to see a doctor
Fucked around and fell asleep,
The bitch done hit me for my guapo

Rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' man I'm on a double date
Flyin down 20 prolly finna start some trouble ????
How many blunts you blazed
I think it was a couple ????
Irene kuch strong, yeah I'm talkin' bubble gum
Can't even hit the blunt
Hit it hard can't keep my hat straight
Two bleezies in my heezy
Man I sold that nigga half ????
Movin slow motion we say ???? on a fast base
Some shit up in my cup that look like it been on on pancakes