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Welcome to the Zoo (2007)Edit

Gorilla Zoe - Welcome To The Zoo

Welcome to the Zoo

  1. Do Something
  2. Hood Nigga
  3. Money Man
  4. Tryna Make A Jug (featuring Big Gee)
  5. Crack Muzik (This That Muzik) (featuring Jody Breeze)
  6. Battle Field (featuring Block and Big Gee)
  7. Take Your Shoes Off (featuring Yung Joc)
  8. I Know
  9. Count On Me (featuring Jody Breeze and JC)
  10. Real Motherfucka (featuring Boyz N Da Hood)
  11. Juice Box (featuring Yung Joc)
  12. Money Up
  13. You Don't Know Me (featuring D. Woods)
  14. Lil Shawty
  15. Last Time I Checked

Don't Feed da Animals (2009)Edit

Gorilla Zoe - Don't Feed Da Animals

Don't Feed da Animals

  1. Untamed Gorilla (featuring JC)
  2. What It Is (featuring Rick Ross and Kollosus)
  3. Dope Boy
  4. Lost (featuring Lil Wayne)
  5. I'm Dumb
  6. Shit on 'Em
  7. Hood Clap
  8. Helluvalife (featuring Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman)
  9. I Got It (featuring Big Block)
  10. Watch Me (featuring Yung Chris)
  11. Man I
  12. Talk Back (featuring Ebonylove and Roxy Reynolds)
  13. So Sick
  14. Echo

Other SongsEdit

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  1. American Gangsta
  2. Baby
  3. Baddest Bitch
  4. Brand New
  5. Day Dreamer
  6. Echo (Remix)
  7. Fascination
  8. Get Off Of Me
  9. Gwalla
  10. Hood Nigga (Remix)
  11. I Do It
  12. I'm Not Perfect
  13. Just Joog
  14. Just Like My Chevy
  15. Later Alligator
  16. Laughin
  17. Main Thing
  18. Nobody Gotta Know
  19. Operation Blockdown
  20. Paper
  21. Throw Aways
  22. Twisted
  23. Up On The Pole
  24. Waddle
  25. What It Is (Remix)
  26. What's Goin' On
  27. What's Goin' On

  28. Wild Thing
  29. Get Money

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