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This song is by Gorgasm and appears on the album Bleeding Profusely (2001).

Starved into insanity
Crushed beneath their mangled corpses
Trapped and bleeding as I languish
Ravenous and filled with anguish
In this rotting heap-savage appetites around
As their blood pours in my mouth, In a frenzy I devour
Body surging with new power
With each shred I chew!

I shall emerge from this
Rotten mound Of putrid bodies,
Feeling a hunger extreme!
Digesting the remains,
Stomach filled with rancid meat
Insatiable I crave
For the taste of living flesh... living flesh

With the strength of ten
Crippling my helpless prey, making sure they survive
Masticating chunks of flesh savoring their succulence
Delighted by the tortured screams
Voracious cont tasting better while alive

Bled and butchered just like cattle
As I feast the more I crave
Satisfied for only seconds,
When I shit out their remains

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