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Zombie Graveyard Rape Bonanza

This song is by Gorerotted and appears on the album Only Tools and Corpses (2003).

I'm too sexy for live girls

The casket lid ripped open
A festering, rotting corpse
The stench of putrifaction
Just makes me thirst for more

Pustulous blisters bursting
Hair comes out in my hands
The blackened skin peels back easy
Fluid oozes from my glans

Maggots munching near my dick
Makes me cum, makes me sick

I'm a monster yeah you know what I mean
'Cause I fuck dead girls in the graveyard
In the graveyard, In the graveyard yeah
I rape their little tush in the graveyard

Dripping sebum
Oozing pus
Smearing semen
Forbidden lust

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