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In The End

This song is by Gordon Gilbert and appears on the album In The End (2012).

Don't complain
Don't talk to me
We never learn
From our history

Each time the same
We never change
The names are altered
But the shame remains

The lust for power
The unending greed
The will to kill

But some say
We can hope
So show me your faith
And I'll show you a rope

Is this a game we play?
Do we know no other way?
Will we see another day?
Sometimes it's hard to say

In The End
Can we really make amends?
After all that's been
Can we ever be friends again?

How can change the future?
How can we stop the "Blast"?
How can we know where we're going to
When we don't know our past?

In The End
Two shall become One again
Will our sins
All be forgiven then?

Sometimes I wonder
Why we don't seem to care
Something must be wrong
In our minds somewhere

Does God exist?
Why doesn't he act?
Would you like to buy
A new Cadillac?

Or maybe a few
Give me an army
Give me marines

But don't stop this quest
For power
Give me a really tall

This is how we play the game
We seem to never change
We are all the same
We all share the blame

In The End
There will be signs and portents
In The End
It's just around the bend

They say once before
A watcher fell
Down to Earth
This place called Hell

Who here really needs
That scapegoat?
When we bought the knife
We slit the throat

What's the point of it?
We dig our own pit
Now we must lie in it
A pile of our own shit

In The End
It all begins again
In The End
It all begins again...

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