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Preschool Prowler

This song is by Goratory and appears on the album Orgasm Induced Diarrhea (2002).

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S-she won't eat, she won't talk
The child won't even let me touch her
Yes, sometimes you have to give them candy

I am the monster
In every children's nightmare
Their parent's fear provokes me into a frenzy!

After preschool, Is it outside the parking lot
I see their parents I've seen their innocence...
I like the bitches their hairless virgin untouched bodies give off a
Scent that drives me to a higher power
I change from sane to sickness, With plans to sodomize
Leaving toddlers screaming crying bleeding dying

If I might tell you a story,
That's full of sickened glory
This passage full of violence
Will leave you dead silence

Katie was my first victim, I had to make it
My most perverse
The inauguration!
I stole her from preschool as she was screaming
I covered her pain with my semen
Her petrifiedbody mangled and bleeding
From the second I laid my cock on her!

Katie was followed by Danny who came before Cindy
The loveliest fuck I encountered
I made her cum when she was just seven
As she screamed in pain I gashed her thoat!

The younger the tighter they are,
Their age is more worthless to me than their parent's asshole!

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