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Pig Fucker

This song is by Goratory and appears on the album Orgasm Induced Diarrhea (2002).

Bloody ruins, Of a pig
Sit rotting above a farmhouse
That filled with carcasses

The origin of this slaughter
Came from a mastermind
Chaotic Intentions to fuck dead animals

Brutal sodomy!

First to go, Was the chickens
My cock dominating
Ripping through their bodies
Next came the pigs, A full blown fuck fest
Domesticated animal intercourse

I feed on bloody pig intestines!

Gutted sheep are screaming
Cows udders bleeding
Over tortured creatures
I've penetrated anally

My barnyard ceremony becomes a sickened dining
While biting horses innards
I decapitate kittens!

Fucking bleeding shooting semen!
Over disfigured animals!

Across the farm, Into the barnyard,
A vision of the butchery
Pigs cows horses chickens,
Lay gutted, Raped and tortured!

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