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This song is by Goodie Mob and appears on the album Age Against The Machine (2013).

S'all right y'all
Yeah Yeah

Aw Yeah!
All right let's do it!
I'm ready to tell the world just how I feel about it!


Oh whoa
Check it out


(Verse 1: Cee-Lo)
Well now I've got the power
That I hadn't had all along
And it wasn't until recently
That I realized that I had it wrong!
See when I wouldn't be your stereotype
The doors kept getting shut
But now after everybody's gotten to know me
I'm out to claim what I want!
So what are you talking about?
What you looking funny at?
White power's actually when you use that money
To make that money back!
So it's not about black or white
It's about Cee-lo Green!
Now I really understand what they mean
When they say...

White Power!
White Power! (yeah!)
White Power! (come'on)
White Power!
White Power! (It's white power!)
White Power!
White Power!
White Power!

All right, uh

(Verse 2: Cee-Lo)
Come on and get mad nigga
So I can bust out and laugh nigga!
Something you'll never have nigga
Something you ain't never had nigga
You ain't got a big enough staff nigga
Go'on ahead and do the math nigga!
Then (?) try to grab nigga
Kiss my intelligent ass nigga!
You want a revolution? here it come!
Niggas keep asking me to give y'all some
But don't expect me to give you shit!
I fuck with the Mob, and that's about it!

If you take a spoonful of sugar
It makes the medicine go down

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