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I Refuse Limitation

This song is by Goodie Mob, features Backbone and appears on the album Still Standing (1998).

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One time
Uh for these freaky hoes I lust
But I'm still flickin ashes a lot of other motherfuckers snort dust
But that's they thang
A lot of us fall victim somehow
But that's that game
Won't try to explain

From books to bricks
Now I look, see crooks and tricks
Caught up in the mix
Of everyday in every way but the right
I control the substance my people fiend for at night

Lord knows I do wrong
Sound like the same old song
A lot of niggas singing
Homeboys conceal your weapons
'Cause ain't gon be no smokin session in heaven

No more be buckin yo luck
Seven eleven on the first roll
Don't let the streets rock and roll yo soul
Swats GA by way of Cascade Heights
Gunshots, roadblocks, sidewalks and ice

Sold me out for 3.5 grams of neighborhood clout
Now what the fucks we bout
I'm back home from the bullshit
Puttin in work
Meanwhile others dug ditches and covered themselves in dirt
One squirt

And you locked down forever
Can't run from reality
Lurking you closer and closer away
To the same old traps
Now you never learn from your mistakes
So now you wear this ass whoopin wit pride

What side you on?
It wasn't no I in team
Only in your dreams
Saturated with schemes
Yea you right, God gon' deal wit ya
Fallin from his grace
Rookie cop moves cause shifty game

And 30 days I'm blessed in the hole
But that's till I go to the state federal penitentiary
Yea I could did my time standin on one feet
But see I fucked up royally
Thought I was slick

Them herpes-havin ass crackers changed my big check to six
Times wit Dean Whitaker's sermon of the day
But when I go to sleep I don't dream no more I just lay
A wise man knows his limitations
Concrete, concrete like Greg Street

Sufferin' from a severe case of inner-city blues
I ain't got no clues to which directions I need to choose
This opportunity to gain is all I got to lose
I just can't settle for these streets shawty I refuse

That's the shit I like
Lord got the door shot down to the pavement
Remove yo hat under the ceiling of this building
A rebuff from the usher of sorts
Because ????
Most strive for the diamonds and overlook the gems

Got skimp wit yo bags
Boulders become shoulders to depend on
Which way to explore
Reform, refrain, we gain in flame
Every thought you walk through the trails is hell
Airborne for ????
Clone me, replace me with me
Another nation inside a nation
Out the land of Scots
Suction cups to test tube
Layer of skin
Supply the crust
And we'll mix the fruit

Gunshows supplied me in the hour of need
Watch 'em bleed
Aryan nation be the dealer
Now who's the killer

Yup yup that's the shit I like
That's the shit I like

Uh puttin forth the effort to make a change
Not doin a lot of talkin bout it what's yo game?
You slippin you can't never do that
That's when you get jacked

For yo life over emotions runnin' wild
Like salamanders swimmin in southwest creeks
Feelin incomplete, another story
Livin ????
Value lost, it wasn't worth it look what it costed

Your life young nigga
Didn't go out without a fight behind the gun trigger
Better think fast or get swept off yo feet
Nigga it hurts to see these drugs deteriorate
The minds of knuckleheads that want to be base heads
Don't say I didn't tell you 'casue you gon see in the future

I hope I don't have to shoot you
If you switch
Went from hardcore to beggin like a bitch
Revolutions good to bad
Hoods to rags real niggas to fags
What's the news?
But I refuse to lose

Sufferin' from a severe case of inner-city blues
I ain't got no clues to which directions I need to choose
This opportunity to gain is all I got to lose
I just can't settle for these streets shawty I refuse

Well I woke up this mornin with the same frustration from situations like these
Got a call about some work from one of them temporary agencies
No high school diploma or any college degrees
I can't enlist but they'll draft me if there's a war overseas

Oh please, of course I can slice some OZs
But see I'm one of those aspirin MCs
And uh bills are due so at times I'm doubtful and everyone disagrees
But I'd rather struggle on my feet than to live on my knees

So my uniform tight workin all night at Mickey D's
Got about 90 dollars and some change after the government get they fees
These minimum wages ain't enough to feed my babies
Purposely these limitations on black folks opportunities

So I quit cuz I'm tired of being one of those overworked, underpaid employees
Stop carin at all went on and did a few small burglaries
It seems like my faith done turned into forgotten memories
And I ain't gettin away with nothing because I know he always sees

But see right now I need to see how I can get this here dope sold
I done stuffed in my pocket as many rocks as it can hold
They gon get high so I'ma get my money even though it's freezin cold
Now how many times you done heard this story told?

Believe it or not, it's some very intelligent junkies
But dependencies is eatin away at they souls like disease
Anyone can turn into somebody who covets and envies
Unequal economics can easily make you some enemies

And the crime rate never drops to the cops ride around in threes
I knew he would have killed me if I did anything but freeze
They found the rest of the dope in some nearby shrubberies
In a dimlit room being questioned by these authorities

And they gave me some time in correctional facilities
And now my woman's gotta take on a man's responsibilities

Written by:

Robert Barnett / Patrick Brown / Thomas Burton / Cameron Gipp / Willie Knighton / David Sheats Wikipedia16 / Ray Murray / Rico Wade / Jamahr Williams

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