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Funeral (Skit)

This song is by Goodie Mob and appears on the album Soul Food (1995).

Naaah I can't do this shit y'all my stuff home
Gotta nigga name all lit up
This ain't the first time this name all lit up

Man y'all niggaz realize man been in this motherfuckin box man, goddamn

Saight my nigga, saight
Go on and rest, for corn and bread

Ahh yeah baby yeah

King Bee!
King Bee!

Awright my nigga (we ain't gonna forget you my nigga)
Fuck it man, Gipp he got cellular of Ron's

Ahh man, jus', youknowhatI'msayin?
Ain't no tellin man, knowhatI'msayin when I'm gonna be off in
that motherfucker dirty, knowhatI'msayin? I don't how they knew
YaknowhatI'msayin, I don't know what they gon say when I'm gon hog
KnowhatI'msayin? I can feel that shit dirty


Written by:

Robert Barnett / Patrick Brown / Thomas Burton / Cameron Gipp / Willie Knightion / Ray Murray / Rico Wade

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